Best Gaming Headsets For Small Heads

Best Gaming Headsets For Small Heads

Best gaming headsets for small heads. This article is not just about gaming headsets for kids. It is also meant for those who have a small head. The beauty of this world is that there are people of different sizes and the shape of their head and every other body part can differ.

If you have a smaller head compared to the other people of your age group and enjoy playing video games, you’ll probably start looking for one of these headsets soon. When your headphones are either too tiny or too tall, it’s challenging to focus on the game. You’ll find yourself adjusting the headband several times or struggling to keep it in one place.

When you’re playing a game where you have to make decisions in the blink of an eye, this isn’t the best situation to be in. We’ve narrowed down a selection of seven headphones that will suit your head snugly; we have come up with this list after closely evaluating the best headphones and their size adjustability. Although, not all of these are specifically designed for gamers.

Let’s get started!

How to Pick a Headset for A Small Head

When it comes to gaming, kids be more excited, and they enjoy it the most. So, choosing a perfect headset for the kids is a challenge. There are a few pointers/features that have to be considered to choose the best gaming headset for small heads are listed below

● Knowing the child’s Interest: It is essential to know the user’s interests and requirements before choosing a headset. This will also help to find a piece that they love. Although we are not into gender-specific colours and designs, but there are young boys who don’t want a pink headset. You can ask them about their favourite colour and other preferences. After all the kid is going to be using the headset for a couple of years.

Voice chat Facility: Usually, kids prefer playing with their friends, so voice chat is necessary. Therefore, before buying the product, ensure that product supports this facility. On second thoughts, playing video games engages a kid like nothing else. Yes, we want the kids to go out and play hide and seek but the video games are interactive too. Let’s not forget there are some video games that are educational with useful themes. Plus, your kid gets to interact with his friends and make new friends too. So, please make sure the headset support voice chat.

Specification: As there are different products like wired and wireless, choosing the right product based on the child’s requirement is essential. Wireless headsets are great – the wires don’t come in the way and the child is able to hop on and off from their gaming chair without taking off their headset.

Compatibility and Durability: As there are multiple options for gaming, the kids tend to upgrade to a different one, maybe in a year or two, so keep in mind the headset that you choose for them is compatible. Simultaneously, as the products are for regular and long-term use, you should give utmost importance to durability.

Small Gaming Headset with Mic

As many of us are bound to be in front of computers or laptops with different purposes for hours, one should be keen on selecting the needed accessories along with it. This will not only help to improve the usage but also will surely improve productivity as well. And so, while picking a headset choosing the one with a mic can be much more beneficial than the normal products. While considering a mic for gaming, a built-in microphone will be the best. Along with the noise cancellation feature. A few of the other criteria to consider while choosing the mic for gaming are:

● Choose the mic that offers an excellent bass range

● Headsets with detachable microphones are worth

● The mic should be easily navigable

 Now, let us look at some of the best gaming headsets for small heads

Small over the head Headphones

A bad fit headset will spoil the sound effects and mood and be physically very painful. Initially, you may find it ok, but over time the heat and sweat by the usage would be challenging for its users. This will create a lot of discomforts like Neck pain, painful ears, and even headaches. Well, in this case, small, lightweight headphones can be a perfect choice. Besides, keeping in mind the design and other important features while picking your headphones can help you finalize the best one. When it comes to comfort, the padded headsets can serve the best. Many advanced padded headsets with air weave ear cushions are readily available under the topmost brands.

Small Wireless Gaming Headset

Any gamer who is quite passionate about gaming will look for the most unique and best accessories. Only then the gaming experience can be extremely thrilling and entertaining. 

Some of the advantages of wireless headsets are:

● Free from a tangled wired and messy desk

● Extended range

● Freedom of movement

The small wireless gaming headsets are great for those who wish to move around and not be troubled by wires. Wires can be irritating especially when they are not too long and restrict movement. With a wireless gaming headset by your side, you or your child will play games without any stress.

Moreover, if you are using a PC, there is already a mess on the table. PCs have a lot of wires going here and there. As a gamer, you want your desk to be clean and wire-free. So if you don’t need the wire mess on your table, go for a small wireless gaming headset.

10 Best Gaming Headset For Small Heads

1.SteelSeriesArctis 1

The SteelSeriesArctisgaming headset for small heads is the most advanced choice for those who want a headset with a variety of advanced features at a reasonable price. This headset features excellent sound quality, direct connectivity, a wide frequency spectrum, and clear voice quality. It is remarkably durable, despite its lightweight, and can survive several hours of play before being damaged. This is due to its shock-resistant feature, which allows it to withstand even the smallest amount of physical strain. It’s also worth mentioning that while it doesn’t have an external antenna, the sound output is higher because other headphones aren’t interfering.

Overall, this is quite a nice headset; the band is very closely associated. Usually, your ears make contact with the cloth that covers the microphones. For those with enormous ears, anything like that may be a little awkward during lengthy gaming sessions. Many users never had a problem with it while using it for a short period, but when you’re doing something for hours on end, mild annoyances can quickly escalate into extreme irritation.

In-ear settings are also included, with a volume dial and mute mic button on the left headphone. It has a detachable 3.5mm microphone, which is convenient if you want to use them with a phone or handheld device with a USB-C connector, which still functions well but adds weight to the device.

It is a great pleasure to play with the Arctis 1. The USB-C dongle and USB-A connector not only make gaming on the Switch easier, but they also open up new possibilities. The Arctis 1 fits almost as well on the PS4 and PC as it does on the Switch (USB audio headsets that run on other devices are also not supported on the Xbox One).


-Excellent sound

-Aesthetics that aren’t overbearing

-Lightweight and breathable

-The detachable microphone



2.Urbanears Plattan 2

Both gamers and audiophiles praised the Wired UrbanearsPlattan 2 for its well-rounded sonic profile and ultra-comfortable nature.

It is very lightweight, and the clamping force is ideal for long commutes. For players, this means longer playtimes without getting a headache. The headband is thin and unpadded. However, you can change it by sliding it, and undoubtedly it is among the most comfortable gaming headsets for small heads

All of the paddings have been guided into the ear cups, plush, and have excellent noise cancellation. Nothing gets in or out of this region. A joystick on the right ear cup allows you to navigate most buttons by moving them in various directions. That sure beats manually pressing buttons and makes it easier to manage when taking calls or listening to music on your phone. It is not an audiophile headset when it comes to sound quality. The bass, on the other hand, has ample oomph to make it exciting. The mid-range is crystal clear, voices are distinct without being muddled, and the tops aren’t distorted.

UrbanEars has scored a decisive two out of three points against the points mentioned above by making their flagship headphones wireless with the Plattan 2 Bluetooth ($99 / £85). They have the same decent sound that the Plattan II is known for, and the battery life is excellent. However, their wireless networking isn’t particularly impressive. 

These headphones got things off to a decent start, as their architecture (both in terms of aesthetics and functionality) is excellent. Between these headphones and the wired Plattan 2s, not much has changed. They’re also available in a variety of shades, from stark white to lighter red and blue hues.


-Attractive, lightweight build

-Slidable headband that can be adjusted

-Volume and track control via a joystick on the right ear cup


-The microphone cannot be removed.

3.Artemis Spectrum Logitech G433

Despite a few shortcomings, the Logitech G433 will impress you with its friendly build and signature tone. Unfortunately, the G533, which was supposed to be the equivalent to the 433, was a major disappointment. The G933 Artemis was next. Thankfully, the bulk does not obstruct the fit and is relatively thin, making it ideal for extended wear periods. The panels are also magnetic and can be removed to expose the LED trims and the G logo if necessary. The headband has a cotton lining and plenty of padding. It has a lot of adjustabilities and is simple to adapt to your head height. This will offer you a snug fit with just the right clamping power, even though it is also amazing gaming headsets for a small head than usual (like a teenager).

The ear cups have a swiveling nature that can be customized to fit your needs. It also folds for easy storage and transportation. The right ear cup houses the control pad, which features programmable G buttons and a volume wheel that is simpler to use than regular buttons. The microphone is a flip-down model that does not add to the G933’s bulk. The audio quality and intelligibility are sufficient for clearly recording voice commands. When it comes to sound quality, the G933 is on par with every high-end gaming headset. It has excellent noise insulation and ample bass oomph to make things exciting. While the soundstage seems to be a little small, this improves the efficiency of picking up directional sound.

Depending on how you use it, the G933 has 12-hour battery life. The Logitech G933 has a higher quality feel than the G930. They have a mostly plastic construction quality in common, but the G933’s slight design tweaks make it a better-built and more premium-looking headset overall. They have a metal frame that is reinforced by a decently adjustable headband. With interchangeable backplates that cleverly conceal the USB dongle and battery in each ear cup, the ear cups feel thick and decently robust.


-Comfortable noise-isolating ear cups

-Adjustable style for small heads

-Microphone that can be flipped down

-Battery life of -12 hours

-Excellent audio quality


-It Not a foldable style that is suitable for flying.

-Even when worn on the head, it’s a little heavy. But, most importantly, the fit is secure and does not slide off.

4.Sony MDR-ZX110NC

The Sony MDR-ZX110NC headphones are attractive, but they don’t stand out in terms of design. They’ve got a matte black and white paint scheme. A stylized back cover on the ear cups brings a bit more flair to the style. These headphones aren’t very distinctive, but their understated nature can appeal to others. It’s compact in weight, and the headband doesn’t put too much pressure on the face. The lack of padding on the headband, as well as the slightly rigid, non-swivel ear cups, make these headphones a little awkward to use in daily routine. Also, the on-ear design’s narrow ear cups might not be suitable for all.

They are above-average on-ear headphones that are compact. They fold up into a much more portable shape, making them easy to carry in a backpack and fitting into several bigger pockets. However, they are not as compact as some other in-ear style headphones, and some listeners can find them uncomfortable. It has a strong bass as well. The low-frequency extension (LFE) is set to 25Hz, which is excellent. Low-bass is also within 0.2dB of the goal, indicating that thumping and rumbling sounds are produced in a balanced manner.

Mid-bass and high-bass, on the other hand, are consistently overemphasized by more than 4dB. As a result, the bass is a little too loud and muddy. Furthermore, the bass distribution differs considerably between users and is affected by the fit, seal, and whether or not you wear glasses. The response shown here is an average bass response; your results can differ.


-Audio replication that is appropriate


-Compact and light

-Audio processing is good.

-There is very little noise leakage.


-Flimsy construction

5.Astro A40

Astro Gaming has developed itself as one of the most reliable producers of gaming headsets. Its wireless A50 headset has outstanding build quality and durability, and its A10 wired headset is still one of the amazing budget options for you. However, in the high-end wired headset area, the new edition of Astro’s wired A40 TR Headset with MixAmp Pro TR faces some stiff competition.

The A40 TR headset and MixAmp Pro TR USB headphone amp ($249.99) provide a light, convenient fit and excellent audio performance (available for PC and Playstation 4, or PC and Xbox One). Even if it doesn’t stick out as the very best in its field, it’s worth your consideration if you’re looking for a tournament-level wired gaming headset for small heads.

The headset’s architecture is very similar to that of the previous A40, with a few color and finish changes. The earcups and headband are all matte black plastic, with aluminum struts on the sides linking them and allowing for smooth vertical adjustment to fine-tune the fit. Memory foam is used for the over-ear earpads, which are wrapped in a soft, breathable black fabric. A rectangular pad made of the same material as the earpads is placed between two flexible, rigid plastic bands on the underside of the headband.

The boom microphone of the product is a long, black rubber stick with an aluminum grille on end and a plastic capsule on the other end. It attaches to the back of the left earcup and can be removed. The boom arm is extremely lightweight, allowing it to pivot 360 degrees. The A40’s microphone sounds excellent. The test recordings were clear and humid, with no fuzziness or sibilance. This is a great headset microphone for voice chat, commentary, and even podcasting (though if you’re serious about audio recording, we suggest having a dedicated USB microphone).


-Exceptional audio quality.

-The light, durable build has a quality feel to it.

-The Astro Command software has a plethora of audio customization possibilities.


-It Expensive with a wired-only headset.

6.Playstation Gold (Sony)

Sony’s efforts to create a good gaming headset for small heads have also been one of the best. We didn’t care for their platinum headphones, despite their flashy style and aggressive marketing. We thought it was overpriced for the cost. Despite the name gold,’ the headset is almost matte black from top to bottom.

As a plus, the lightweight pleather-coated headband and soft oval ear cups provide ample padding to be worn all day without causing pain or irritation. It has a sliding control feature that helps you to change the fit by sliding it up and down. The controls are on the left ear cup, which also has a built-in pinhole microphone. Unfortunately, there is no boom mic, so if you want to stream, you can look at other options.

However, if you’re only playing for fun, you’ll be happy to hear that the standard mic is crystal clear and loud. There’s no muddiness in the sound, and it accurately detects voice commands. It includes a USB dongle for connecting to the PS4. You can attach it to any handheld computer with a 3.5mm socket, though. Overall, the Sony Playstation gold is a fantastic gaming headset for those with smaller heads. Therefore, it is highly recommended to try these headsets. 


-It’s an excellent Bluetooth headset.

-Aesthetically pleasing architecture.

-Audio quality is excellent, with artificial 7.1-channel immersive surround.


-There is no boom mic.

7.Arctics 3 (SteelSeries)

SteelSeries headphones are known for being the most convenient in the industry, and the Arctis range is no different. The Arctis 3 is extremely comfortable to wear, much like the #5 and #7 before it, thanks to its adjustable headband and big, fluffy ear cups. You won’t have to fiddle with rigid notches; simply put it on and let the headband do the rest.

Since the brace is Velcro-attached and can fit a variety of head sizes, the whole procedure of adjusting the band as per our head size takes just a few seconds. Many users were particularly pleased with the headset’s lightness, saying that they often forget that they were wearing it.

On the Arctis 3, music sounds pretty good, particularly if you spend some time fiddling with the equalization options first. During tests, users played different types of music by Flogging Molly, Old Crow Medicine Show, the Rolling Stones, and G.F. Handel and found the balance between music and voices to be apt, if not subtle. Treble and bass were well-balanced, and the headset treated every genre quite well.

It can be called a decent headset, if not a perfect headset. The Arctis 5 and 7 have the distinction. It’s one of the best choices in the $80 category as it is significantly better than the Kingston HyperX Cloud II. Although, it is held back by its obtuse tech interface and average music output.


-Comfortable match

-Excellent sound quality

-Clear microphone


-Difficult to configure

Why should you purchase gaming headsets?

There are many reasons why you should invest in a headset. Gaming is a fast-paced activity and sometimes you indulge in it for hours. Let’s not forget that parents get irked by the long gaming sessions of kids. They find the gaming sounds annoying and that’s why a headset is necessary. The kid can play the game in full privacy!

Professional gamers should invest in a gaming headset because they can clearly hear the sounds and escape from the real world. It surely enhances the overall gaming experience.

Since you are thinking of buying a gaming headset, we suggest you to take a look at options that offering the following:

  1. Maximum volume – Although you should avoid hearing loud sounds for extended period of time, but a professional gamer needs good volume capacity and quality sound. You can check the reviews and ratings of the product.
  2. Find a good purchase platform – If you can’t find the perfect product in stores near you, choose Amazon as the preferred platform. It has genuine branded products. You can also get returns and refunds easily.
  3. Build quality should be top-notch – If kids are going to use it, the headset will experience a lot of abuse. If it’s a responsible kid who takes care of their belongings, you don’t have anything to worry about. Wires should be tangle-free or best is to choose a wireless headset. The ear cups should be comfortable for the kids.
  4. Easy controls – No matter who is using it – a kid or an adult with a small head, the product should have easy controls. They should not have a tough time using the controls. Everything should be within reach and easy to comprehend.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, after looking through the best gaming headsets for small heads in the market, we hope you would find the best fit for yourself. As it also takes a little longer to choose the right one precisely. After analyzing these headsets, we found out that each of them is a very good competitor of each other; some are better than the rest as they do have the higher build quality, but they come with higher price tags. 


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