How to Fix Steam Showing PS5 Controller Buttons as Xbox Buttons

How To Fix Steam PS5 Controller Showing Xbox Buttons

Many PlayStation 5 users have reported an issue with Steam showing Xbox buttons instead of PS5 buttons when using a DualSense controller. This can make playing your favorite Steam games with a PS5 controller confusing and frustrating. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to fix this issue.

Understanding the Issue

This problem stems from the way Steam handles controller configurations. By default, Steam will assume you are using an Xbox controller when a gamepad is connected. Even though the PS5 DualSense has a very different button layout, Steam maps its inputs to Xbox buttons.

That’s why when you connect your DualSense to Steam, the on-screen prompts and buttons will show the Xbox layout, with A, B, X, and Y, rather than the PlayStation shapes. It essentially treats the PS5 controller as an Xbox controller, leading to incorrect button displays.

Prerequisite: Connect Your PS5 Controller to Steam

Before fixing this issue, you first need to successfully connect your PS5 DualSense controller to Steam. Here’s how:

  • Turn on your PS5 controller by pressing the PlayStation button.
  • Connect the controller to your PC via USB-C cable or Bluetooth.
  • Open Steam and ensure the controller is recognized. You can test inputs in the Controller Settings.
  • For Bluetooth connections, you may need to install drivers or re-pair if the controller isn’t connecting properly. Refer to Sony’s PS5 controller support page for help.

Method 1: Change Controller Configuration in Steam

One method to fix this issue is to change the controller configuration in Steam’s settings:

  1. Open Steam and go to Settings > Controller Settings.
  2. In the Configurations section, click on “PS4 Configuration” from the drop down menu.
  3. Select your connected DualSense controller.
  4. Click “Apply” to set the PS4 config for that controller.

This will remap the PS5 controller’s inputs to match the PlayStation button icons and layout. Now when you launch a game, Steam will recognize it properly as a PlayStation controller.

If the game still shows Xbox buttons, you may also need to select the “PlayStation Configuration Support” in that game’s Controller Settings. This forces the correct mapping.

Method 2: Use PS5 Controller Support Software

Another option is to use third-party software that properly adds PS5 controller support to Steam:

  • DS4Windows – This popular utility originally for PS4 controllers has added PS5 DualSense support. Follow their guide to get your PS5 controller working with Steam.
  • Xbox Accessories App – Microsoft’s app can remap your PS5 controller so Steam recognizes it properly. See their instructions here.

These tools essentially translate the PS5 inputs into Xbox inputs that Steam understands. Some trial and error may be required to get the mappings perfect.

Troubleshooting Issues

Here are some tips if you’re still seeing Xbox buttons after trying these fixes:

  • Completely close and restart Steam after changing configurations.
  • Double check all controller settings match PlayStation layouts.
  • Try disconnecting all other controllers and only connect the PS5 controller.
  • Verify you are running the latest Steam client and check for any available updates.
  • Try both wired USB and wireless Bluetooth connections to rule out any connectivity issues.
  • As a last resort, you can uninstall all controller drivers and reinstall fresh.

In Summary

With this guide, you should be able to get your PS5 DualSense controller working properly with Steam games. The key steps are changing the controller configuration within Steam, using PS5 controller support software, and troubleshooting any persisting issues. This will fix those annoying Xbox button prompts and allow you to enjoy your favorite games with the proper PS5 button icons and layout.

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